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Raspberry Ketone: Found In Healthfur Extract

A chemical that has been extracted from the raspberry plant contains a certain phenol. That organic compound is called raspberry ketone. Since 1597, that plant has been viewed as the source of a healthful herb. That herb appears capable of reducing the problems associated with diabetes. That fact has been proven. Another fact, one recently stated on television by a medical professional remains to be proven.

Raspberry ketone gives the berry that is linked to its name a pleasant and distinctive odor. Now some are saying that the same chemical allows the liquid extracted from that berry to initiate a certain desirable change within a human body. It is supposed to facilitate the loss of extra pounds. Some have claimed that it helps the body to burn fat.

The mechanism for that action remains unclear. According to certain reports, the berry’s extract can aid the breakup of fat cells in mice. However, no one can say for sure that the same thing will happen in the body of a human, if he or she has ingested some raspberry ketone.

Once given to mice, that organic phenol appears to trigger the secretion of adiponectin. The presence of that signaling compound apparently drives the breakup of a mouse’s fatty tissues. While there is no evidence that the same thing takes place in a human system, still one proven fact cannot be denied.

The administration of raspberry ketones manages to function as a type of treatment for diabetes. Diabetics benefit from the loss of weight. Maybe that extract does have the ability to facilitate weight loss in larger mammals, such as humans. Perhaps that is why it can be used to treat diabetes.

Still, not every male and female should be encouraged to use this sweet-smelling product, if he or she wants to get rid of a few pounds. That ketone seems to have an estrogen-like characteristic. For that reason, it can reverse any success made by the treatment of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer or endometriosis. In other words, it should not be used by those females who suffer with one of those conditions.

Other women should feel free to use it, after consulting with a physician, if those females seek a remedy for GI problems, a bout of flu, heart problems, a vitamin deficiency or, as stated, diabetes. However, those same women should know something about the difficulties attached to extraction of ketones from a red berry. Such difficulties have pushed for utilization of man-made chemicals, during the making of a substance that demonstrates all the physical and chemical properties of the natural substance.

Thus, anyone who buys a bottle that contains this sweet-smelling liquid should look for information regarding its source. It may not have come from a plant. I might have been produced in an industrial plant. Thus it would not offer the same benefits and a natural herb.

A smart consumer should keep that fact in mind. He or she should not become overly enthused by claims about the ketone’s supposed fat-burning capabilities. Otherwise, he or she will be downing a liquid produced in a factory, without the aid of material that was obtained from a living plant.

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